security services

Steve Brandimore
Owner and CFO

George Zielinski
President and COO

Safe-Ed. Security Services division specializes in providing schools with experienced, professional security teams. We employ many retired and former law enforcement professionals with experience in school environments and juvenile matters. Many are former School Resource, D.A.R.E., or Juvenile Unit officers and investigators, familiar with school cultures, policies, and protocols. Other team members may have educational system experience as former teachers or school support staff, or have other public safety or security backgrounds. Together our teams work with local building and district administrators, becoming part of the school culture and environment. We pride ourselves in becoming invested in each school building we service, being a part of the school’s administrative team and taking a personal interest in each school’s success. Safe-Ed. offers security packages that include on-site specialists who will monitor daily activities for security issues, assist with crisis planning, conduct security audits, and are integral members of the school’s security and crisis response teams.

Campus safety and security is the priority in Safe-Ed.’s mission. Just as important is the cost-effectiveness of fulfilling such a mission. Safe-Ed. offers competitive pricing packages with many value-added services included. At the forefront is the experience and maturity of the teams we deploy. Each team member must satisfactorily complete basic as well as advanced training on many topics specific to schools and workplace operations. Training is mandated on an ongoing basis throughout the school year, covering school and company policy/protocol changes, as well as any changes in the laws that pertain to schools. Each school district has a Contract Manager who oversees the security team(s) and interacts daily with school administrators. The Contract Manager also ensures training is current, maintains staffing needs, and interacts with school district administration as needed.

Specific services and duties include maintaining the physical security of the buildings we service. Student, staff, and visitor safety is our top priority. Safe-Ed. team members staff the sign-in desk for our schools, ensuring all visitors are screened before allowing entry. We are a resource for the school administrators and staff, assisting wherever needed, monitoring students as well as current building conditions for hazards or security concerns, both inside and outside the building. Our teams assist the School Resource (Police) Officer when applicable or requested. Safe-Ed. staff monitor the schools’ camera systems, assisting administrators with minor investigations or suspicious activity.  We make ourselves highly visible and approachable for all students, staff, and visitors. An important part of our “uniform” is our company bright yellow polo shirt, making us easily identifiable, especially in a crowded hallway.

In addition to our core security offerings, Safe-Ed. extends its services to include Dog Wellness Programs. These programs bring therapy dogs to schools and businesses, offering a range of benefits such as reducing stress, improving mental health, and fostering a positive environment for learning or work.

Safe-Ed. also offers individual services to schools and businesses. Contact us for quotes on:

* Security Consultation
* Security Surveys
* Security Audits
* Crisis Management planning and implementation
* Low Profile Event and Site Security
* Security equipment recommendations
* Emergency response training for staff and students
* Threat assessments and risk analysis
* Active shooter drills and response training
* Security officer staffing solutions
* Alarm system monitoring and response
* Background checks for employees and volunteers
* Security system installation and maintenance
* Safety and security policy development
* Security awareness and prevention training for students and staff