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Safe-Ed. focuses on providing comprehensive school security solutions that go beyond typical security services. They collaborate closely with school district administration and staff to develop and execute effective safety measures for campuses. This includes assessing potential risks, implementing security protocols, and training staff on emergency response procedures.

In addition to their core security offerings, Safe-Ed. extends its services to include Dog Wellness Programs. These programs bring therapy dogs to schools and businesses, offering a range of benefits such as reducing stress, improving mental health, and fostering a positive environment for learning or work.

Furthermore, Safe-Ed. recognizes the need for cost-effective staffing solutions in school districts. They provide athletic coach and support staff services, which can help schools reduce legacy costs associated with employing full-time staff members. This allows districts to allocate their resources more efficiently and focus on providing quality education while still maintaining high-quality athletic programs.

Overall, Safe-Ed. aims to provide a holistic approach to school safety and security, offering a range of services tailored to the specific needs of each district. By working closely with education professionals, they strive to create environments where students, staff, and visitors feel safe and secure.


Safe-Ed. offers professional, experienced security services specifically catered to schools and other educational institutions.


Safe-Ed. provides staffing and payroll services to school districts for non-staff athletic coaches as well as other support staff positions.

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We are proud to work with these awesome schools and districts!
Troy School District
Rochester Community Schools
Lake Orion Community Schools
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Romeo Community Schools
Royal Oak Schools
Redford Union School District
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Lamphere Schools
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Pinckney Community Schools
Brighton Area Schools
Livonia Public Schools

“Having Safe-Ed. in the building is a game changer. Their presence not only makes our students and staff feel safe, the genuine relationships they make with our students is a valuable part of our culture at LOHS.”

Dr. Dan Haas, Principal, Lake Orion High School

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Safe-Ed. is always looking for mature, dependable associates to help keep our schools safe. If you like the school environment, want lots of exercise, and enjoy building new relationships, ask to join our team!

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